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Farm To Fork Meat Riot:
Regenerating Life Giving Force

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Book Review

"This book is like food yoga. It’s part brow-beating self-flagellation and part sacred affirming empower-ment. Niti is a food/farm ninja; perhaps a food swami on steroids. But when 27,000 children in the U.S. each year receive a critical illness diagnosis, it’s time for militancy. Some of my favorite portions of the book are when she defends her credentials. When people take offense at her indictment of the professional oncologists and challenge her with “who do you think you are? You have no credentials; you’re not a scientist, etc.” Niti dares to respond with a crescendo of mother’s love to protect her children and wife’s adoration to be security for her husband. She does not apologize for just being someone who cares. “Who do I think I am?” is probably answered better in this book than any layperson’s apologetic I’ve ever read. When she’s done, you want to stand up and cheer: “Go, Niti!”"
Book Review: Joel Salatin, Polyface Farm
"Niti transforms personal tragedy into a message of hope for human beings everywhere. I love the behind the scenes view into the real-life struggle of someone who has dedicated her life to the preservation of food freedom, regenerative systems, and meat. Niti's testimony to the power and potential of restorative animal husbandry and nutrient dense foods is documented in such an inspiring way. Everyone who reads this book will immediately be sent into action. Wherever you are in your journey to health, there is more you can do! Let Niti tell you how."
Book Review: Jessica Haggard, Primal Edge Health
"As a small farmer, I have been struggling with the fact that most don't care to do things right, if it costs them time or money, I hear "I can't because..." A lot. Long drawn out conversation of just excuse after excuse because easy is better, faster, more lucrative, right? Wrong. I have lost many a friend by my beliefs of doing something better...for health of livestock, human, earth. I've been public about the negative health effects of corn, soy, wheat, GRAIN, all alone. Understanding that animal food rations aren't made for health and wellness of life but for fast growth, profit and production is hit on hard in this book. Thank you Niti!"
Book Review: Blaze Baxter, Bad Baxter Farm


If you want to create health from a cellular level, you must consider what is feeding your cells. At Farm to Fork Meat Riot, we believe that clean eating – and the eating of real meat that is regeneratively produced – is critical to our health.

Our Mission

We are a social force of eaters and
farmers reestablishing the small family farm food system.

About us

Until our daughter Meenakshi was diagnosed with cancer at the tender age of two years old, we were conventional food eaters. Frankly, if I had not had to seek life force in the most nutrient dense foods available to save my daughter’s life, I would be at the grocery store buying the same blank, dead, carcinogenic food like substances I was buying before.

Our story is about truth. We are capable of regenerating cells to heal our bodies when given the correct unadulterated nutrients to support the cells. If you look at creating health from a cellular level, you must consider what is feeding your cells. Food quality matters because you gain the health or the sickness of whatever you eat.

Living soil is the root of our wellness so we must do everything we can to regenerate the earth. A regenerative lifestyle supports nutrient dense plants and animals and is therefore the basis of food freedom and health independence. Our health is our only wealth.

My book clearly explains what our nonprofit is doing and WHY we do it. Please consider buying the book and sharing it with others. When you purchase the book on our site, you will receive a personalized copy as our appreciation for your decision to support us 100%.

I am the catalyst to reestablish the regenerative small family farm food system in America. Our family committed our lives to healing ourselves, healing our land, and healing others.

What will your choice be?

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