This Fall ~ October 14th and 15th

in Camden, Tennessee!

“Dissolving Illusions”

I have tirelessly been researching every day to prepare this formative educational experience for you. October is just around the corner!

Make sure to register today.

I believe it is important for every Living Man and Living Woman to hear this information.

Everyone should be able to learn how to reclaim their sovereignty. Knowledge is required. I am charging just enough to cover my expenses to close the Food Church and travel.

I understand that coming to these festivals can be costly, so I am offering a pay overtime option for those who need financial assistance. This option allows you to pay $15 now and then be automatically rebilled $15 every 10th of the month for 5 months to pay the balance of $75 for the workshop. If you choose the $15 option when registering, be aware that you will be rebilled until the balance is satisfied.

You can also support my work by ordering books and t-shirts. If you preorder here now, I will bring your orders with me for you to carry home from the festival.

Let us embark on this journey together.

Bring an open mind and join me in challenging the illusions that surround us.

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Pre-Order a T-shirt or my Book to get it at the Festival!