I think it is time to start writing a blog. I love to journal and I prefer writing to making videos and other posts on social media. It is my hope to help more people this way because otherwise I am not creating as much content as I would like to share with the world.

I was told not to write because people do not like to read. They prefer to watch videos or listen to audio podcasts. I have to do what I am more comfortable doing and able to do regularly, so I decided that I am just going to start. Maybe someone will read this and even if no one does; it’s ok that I journal for myself. Nothing lost. There is only something, for those who seek it, to gain.

The purpose of my blog is to bring awareness to the Natural Laws, the occulted (hidden) ancient laws of the universe that keep the world in complete balance at all times. There are many people who are operating in chaos, confusion, fear and constant anxiety about the state of the world. This is not the way life is supposed to be. Life is supposed to be good for you. Life is supposed to be good to you. You have to choose to allow yourself to experience the goodness and this requires you to know how the universe works.

Since the beginning of time there has been a power differential between the people who know these ancient truths verses the people who are unaware of them. Knowledge is required. Action is required. You must seek the knowledge of the truth and it will set you free. You are loved beyond belief. You were born worthy beyond belief! You are Important! You Matter! You just need to believe this and choose love. Love is the divine solvent of everything.

What have you incorporated into your daily routine to show love and appreciation for yourself every day?

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  1. I am coming to the Rogue Food Conference on Friday 5/12/23 at Polyface Farm and am really looking forward to listening to your presentations. What time are you doing them? There is no information on the RFC web page and I don’t want to miss out! This was the only way I could find to contact you. Thank you. In answer to your question, at the end of the day I give thanks for having had another day of good health… and plan on having many more!!

    1. Hi Anne!
      I will be doing the workshop in the morning and in the afternoon on FRIDAY in the Lunatic Learning Center while Joel is doing the farm tours. There is a morning and an afternoon tour as well so you can participate in BOTH activities! See you there!

    1. Thank you Amber! We miss seeing you and your kiddos shiny bright smiles! They are probably all grown up – you need to come see us soon!

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