If you read my book you know the context of when I began researching after Meenakshi died in September of 2009. I wanted answers about how she got sick, what happened, how could I make it stop, what needed to happen to protect my surviving family to be able to live and not die. People ask me how I was able to give back to the community after losing my daughter, how did I put Faith into Action? The answer is simple. I began researching and I starting learning the truth. I started learning that what happens to the health of my family is my responsibility. It starts in my kitchen.

Was I IN MY KITCHEN? In my case the answer was YES. I was cooking in my kitchen every day and I actually LOVE to cook, but I was sold a bill of goods that were all LIES. I was sold the lie that I had to budget to responsibly feed my family. I was sold the lie that I needed to limit our quality meat offerings because they were too expensive. I was sold the lie that we were only able to afford what was cheap, easy and in bulk from the big warehouse stores like SAM’s, COSTCO, BJ’s and the like. I followed those immoral guidances, because I was a good, rule following, citizen housewife. I believed that as a housewife I was only given one job and that was to raise our family on as little money as possible. I played right into the VICTIMHOOD MENTALITY that we could only afford whatever the mass media told me we could afford. In this case all I thought we could buy was cheap and bulk grains on grains on grains.

I was a total fool. I believed all the things that good, compliant, well-socialized, responsible rule following citizens did. I followed the instructions of the experts because I was just a mere mother. What qualifications did I even have? I was the best mom who did all the things the institutions told me to do, I read all the books and did all the things. The result was that my daughter was dead and they wanted me to accept that this was just my bad luck. The nerve of these dehumanizing monsters! I could not accept the manipulation anymore, especially because now I could see the fabric of their lies revealing themselves to me. I was drawn in and now I was not going to stop until I had all the answers I needed.

I learned that the government agencies that we created to serve us by protecting our interests for food quality and safety no longer behave as human and they also have no liability as humans. Their entire operation was a total sham. These people were self governing institutions where no one was required to take any personal responsibility for causing harm to others and they were dirty. They were only focused on profits and there was nothing going on that had anything to do with healing, health or safety.

I was first shocked. Then I was in disbelief. Finally I was angry at them and tried to operate in blame only to realize that if I were being honest with myself that I could not blame them. All of this happened because I ALLOWED THEM to make decisions for me. Good grief! I gave them my power to control my family!

What in the world was I doing! The disappointment and shame I felt was 100% the self realization of the truth that I had been manipulated. What was worse was that I was manipulated into colluding with and participating as an accessory to my own beautiful daughter’s medical murder. What kind of mind control was I under!? Oh and we are definitely being brainwashed into believing these lies and assaults against Nature. We were all brainwashed by the institutional programming.

When I realized these horrific truths I was initially numb. I was disgusted. I was completely outraged at myself and then I wanted to scream at the world and warn them of the danger we were all in. So I started to shout it from the roof tops! I was received with blank stares and the pathetic glares people gave me as they disqualified my warnings of the dangers as overwhelming grief that they believed I was suffering. They believed my grief pushed me into some sort of delusional and paranoid state of believing that we were being intentionally poisoned and harmed. They pitied me and tried to love me and then finally they slowly distanced themselves from me.

I couldn’t believe their inability to see the truth of what I was sharing with them. I mean, my experience was real and our daughter’s suffering was real! Now she was dead and I was taking responsibility and then trying to warn them about the danger everyone was in. Why couldn’t they see that I was simply sharing the details of what I discovered?

They could not see this as a warning or receive my words as anything more than the ramblings of a grieving mother. The frustration and exhaustion of trying to help them avoid the pitfalls of the danger they were immersed in eventually silenced me. Well, not all the way. I just stopped chasing them with the truth and I decided I would simply remain a beacon for those seeking the truth.

Letting people continue to suffer was the only option for me because we all operate with free will. Nothing is happening to us, we are choosing our suffering. Nothing I could do would save any of them who did not want saving. The hard truth I had to face was that we are all here on our own journey and it is not my work to ring the alarm and save anyone.

It is my work to shine a light on the truth and keep the path lighted for those who are seeking it. This work has been heart wrenching at times as I watch people flailing and suffering needlessly. This work is hard. I do not get paid for it. I do it because it is my moral obligation to do whatever I can to share the occulted (hidden) knowledge from those who seek it. It has forged in me a clear lens with which I can decipher truth and reality from lies and deceit. There is no judgement here friends. There is only great love here for you.

Have you ever tried to save someone from needless suffering while all they did was shut you out and walk further into the fire? I thought once they would get burned they would learn the truth, but I have watched others get burnt and then turn around and seek blame in others. Taking responsibility for these decisions we make that cause such irreparable harm is just too much for many of us to accept. It is a psychological prison we keep ourselves in because facing the truth seems too hard to accept. The fear of what that says about us is more than many of us can handle. The institutions that are executing this psychological warfare on the population in an effort to maintain a power differential over the masses is powerful.

Do you think you can break away from the immoral lies and face the moral truth in your own life experience?


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  1. Beautifully written. Thank you for sharing how you went through this experience. It’s such a devastating feeling to find out our whole lives we’ve been lied to.

    1. Thank you April. I wish I could save everyone from the shock and disappointment but we all have to reconcile the truth and grieve the time we lost believing in the LIES.

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