Everything flows, out and in; everything has its tides; all things rise and fall; the pendulum-swing manifests in everything; the measure of the swing to the right is the measure of the swing to the left; rhythm compensates because nature keeps telling us that the universe is in order. The law ensures we operate in clarity and love and not in chaos and confusion. These Universal Laws are the Truth, for that which does not change. No-one can break the Law for we are the Law, the Universe is Law and God is Law.

This law is why you see day and night, summer and winter, spring and fall, cats eat mouses, dogs chase cats, big fish eat little fish. These are all indications of what scholars call “Signs of God”, because God is in Everything and Everything is in God, yet God is only One. In the past this Ancient knowledge, Egyptian Knowledge, Occulted Knowledge, Esoteric Wisdom, and Secret Doctrine has only been revealed to Adepts and Masters. In todays information age, anyone seeking the truth or knowledge of the truth can seek, learn, practice and master this knowledge.

The Law of Rhythm requires change to happen. It was one of the toughest concepts for me to accept because it guarantees adversity and challenges on our path. To transcend the law of Rhythm, you can use the Law of Polarity to hold you in a state of gratitude, appreciation and love. The Law of Rhythm literally imposes the saying, “the joy is in the journey”, pushing us to extract lessons and seek the positive seed of knowledge from the downward swing of the pendulum. Activating the higher Law of Polarity by focusing on gratitude aligns with the Law of Correspondence and reflects back to you that which you hold powerful focus on in the mind. You in essence are pushed to reach all the way up to the Law of Mentalism where your thoughts become things.

When it is said that the Mind is the All, or your mental fortitude is a sign of greatness, this Law of Rhythm is the cliff that can crash your momentum if you do not maintain a steady focus on truth and operate in grace to allow yourself to be in the moment and enjoy the work to get what you want or where you want to be. When you say you will be happy when you have the thing or you get to the place, this Law ensures you never see that day unless you have the fortitude to stay the course, love yourself at all times, see the good in others, offer grace and allow the expansion to take hold by compensating for the downward swing.

You may have heard the saying, “Ride the Highs”, or “Stay Grounded”, both are beneficial and effective yet different strategies to account for this swing as you work towards your goals and growth in this lifetime. I prefer to remain focused on the work and stay the course. It is a lot less emotionally exhausting and allows for the long game. In my experience, I have a much harder time riding the highs and it physically and emotionally wears on the soul. When you enjoy the wins and work through the lows knowing that it is law and compensation is required, it is not hard to allow proper rest.

There is something to be said for working yourself with balance of physical and mental activities, this offers equal energy expenditure and promotes deeper sleep. If you only work the mind, you will lack proper rest so be sure to dig deep, breathe deeply, play hard, laugh as much as possible and this allows for proper rest and regeneration.

The book of Ecclesiastes demonstrates the struggle of a King who is reconciling the Law of Rhythm. The theme of Ecclesiastes is often discussed or taught as “the necessity of fearing God in this fallen, confusing world.” The teachings go further to say, “Each human being wants to understand all the ways God is acting in the world, but he cannot, because he is not God. And yet the faithful do not despair but cling to God, even when they cannot see what God is doing.”.

This is part of the story, but now you can see that when you understand the principles of universal laws you can leverage them to create your own world by using knowledge of the Laws and polarising your thoughts to those of love and grace. Gratitude is the attitude that brings balance and adversity is what forges formidable men.

To be alive is to live dangerously and not cower in fear and safety. Dangerous men are not thoughtless, careless, incompetent men causing harm to others. Dangerous men are formidable, loving, fearless people who CARE for and provide good stewardship to the land and the people they share it with.

Everything is either growing or dying. By understanding this rhythm, we can act accordingly and sensibly. Mastering the Law of Rhythm means finding balance and equanimity no matter which way the pendulum is swinging.  It’s about getting off the emotional roller coaster to be in a state of inner peace and joy, no matter what. Remember, the narrative is designed to polarise you towards the downward swing, the negative chaos and confusion of the world. You must choose not to allow that, do not consume that noise. You choose what you will consume. You are the master or the slave. Which end of the stick will you choose?

What are you going to do to live dangerously today?

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