The universal law of cause and effect states that for every effect there is a definite cause, likewise for every cause, there is a definite effect. Your thoughts, behaviours, and actions create specific effects that manifest and create your life as you know it. If you are not happy with the effects you have created, then you must change the causes that created them. Change your actions, and you change your life.

If you have been following my blog from the beginning, you should understand by now that clearly our life isn’t built upon accidents, chance or luck. We have to acknowledge and take responsibility for ourselves by understanding the dynamics of free choice. Let us examine how we consciously and unconsciously choose what we experience and how we feel on a daily basis. 

Causes are the decisions we make and the actions we take on a daily basis. Whether our decisions seem small and rather insignificant, or whether they are significant and transformational in nature, does not matter. Each and every decision we have made and action we have taken has set events into motion creating predictable and specific effects that we are now experiencing in our lives.

Since Morality is not relative; it is objective as defined by Natural Law, it is our moral obligation to be the cause. When we are aligned with the truth and operate with our thoughts, emotions and actions in alignment, we are operating morally. Immorality is aligned with Lies and incorrect action. Incorrect action is when you take action as an order follower, take action without knowledge or without aligning your thoughts and emotions with your actions. In other words, if you do anything that you are not in alignment with emotionally and knowingly, you are behaving immorally.

This matters because the side effect of immoral action is negative consequences as doled out by the universe. The universe generates an effect that is intelligently responding to a cause by rearranging the dynamics of each cause to bring you the consequence that is appropriate for the action.

So is there FREE WILL!?!?!?! Yes, but there is NO WILL that does not have consequential effects.

This Law is difficult for people to acknowledge because there is a TIME LAG from the moment you take an action to when the effect returns to you. Imagine dominoes lined up in a circle. When you knock the first one down until that circle comes back to the start, there is a lag time. To complicate things, there are several actions that you have put into motion before you had the opportunity to receive the consequence of the first action.

The question then becomes WHICH cause returned with WHAT effect. It is difficult to recognise the pattern between cause and effect due to the time lag. Karmic consequences also do not always seem proportionate to the action because everyone is effected by actions of themselves and of others by their own personal inaction.

WAIT! WHAT!? Ah! Yes! Taking NO ACTION is in fact taking immoral action! WHAT!?!?

Yes, If you allow harm to happen in front of you, if you allow lies to be spoken before you, you will experience the negative consequences for your immoral actions.

[NOTE] Causing harm to animals, plants, the earth, soil, air or water by consuming them to nourish ourselves is NOT IMMORAL or causing harm. Life giving force is required to nourish our living souls and living cells. We are required to properly nourish ourselves otherwise we are causing harm to ourselves which is also immoral action. This is a misunderstanding, especially in recent times when the convoluted manipulation of the Natural Laws in order to enslave humanity has run rampant within society. When we allow lies to be spoken and evil acts to occur without taking action to stop it, we are complicit and our immoral behavior results in negative consequences. [END NOTE]

Trying to reconcile this Law of Cause and Effect can leave one flailing as they try to figure out what to do. What is correct action and what isn’t? It is helpful to practice operating in the moment and bringing your subconscious forward into consciousness so that you choose actions with deliberate intention. You can do this by working a little harder for a while to make careful and thoughtful choices in an effort to reset your natural unconscious patterns.

How much of your life have you already lived without taking full responsibility for your actions? Most people are operating in blame and shame and judgement as programmed by the controllers who have kept this knowledge occulted (hidden) from humanity since the beginning of time. This knowledge differential allowed them to effectively hold a boot on the neck of humanity with a power differential.

You can choose to become the master of your life but responsibility is required. Knowledge is required. You can no longer operate in blame, shame and judgement. You have to walk in truth, grace, integrity and love.

You cannot change the past or the present. Every moment we are in or have been in is now history. It is now the truth. You can only change the future.

This plane of effects where we reside in this physical world, is where manifested realities have formed due to their underlying causes. The plane of effects constitutes that which has already occurred. As such, no power to affect change lies here because that which has already occurred cannot UN-OCCUR – it has become that which is. It is the TRUTH.

Human consciousness seems to be trapped upon the plane of effects. Meaning that humanity, as a whole, remains ignorant of the underlying causes which they themselves set into motion & which lead to self inflicted suffering in their lives. You can now consider yourself on notice. Now that you KNOW these truths, you are morally required to take responsibility to proceed consciously and with deliberate intention and not to operate reactionarily or blindly as an order taker. This might seem daunting at first, but remember that NATURE HAS GRACE.

The universe’s negative consequences are not the evil sins as religionists call them that are being collected as marks against you. The universe says, “No. That was wrong. TRY AGAIN”. There is no permanent black mark against you for your lack of proficiency. Just like when a toddler is learning to walk, the universe wants you to keep trying to be better, do better and win. You have a cadre of souls who love you that are cheering for you to know, understand and WIN in this lifetime.

It is said that you will meet 1,000 people in your lifetime and they will meet a 1,000 people and they will meet 1,000 people. We are 1 person away from affecting 1 Million people and 2 people away from affecting 1 Billion people. This is why what we say and do should be done with caution, with deliberate intention because everything we do impacts everyone else. It is our great burden and as such we have a great responsibility. You matter. You are important! You were born worthy beyond belief!

Do you know WHAT you want and WHY you want it? Start working on all the small moves that you can think of to push the needle in your favor until you are able to reprogram your unconscious mind to naturally lean into those new and positive actions. Once those millions of small moves are reprogrammed by your new deliberate and intentional mind, you will start to be able to make bigger and bigger moves towards what you want. Just begin.

What are 3 micro moves that you can make today to stop sabotaging your cause and purpose in this lifetime? Please share them in the comments for me and others and let us all contribute to give everyone some wonderful ideas of how they can change their life’s trajectory powerfully; as soon as today. I will start with one thing that I know you can do. Step one: Wake up at sunrise every day; go outside before you do anything else and put your bare feet on the soil and morning dew and face east. Express your gratitude for this new day and then look at the sky and thank the sun for rising. Even if it is cloudy or rainy or gloomy. You do not have to see the sun, you need to see the SKY. *Do this every day no matter where you are; like your health depends on it.

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  1. A lot of what you are saying reminds me of Mark Passio and I def have tears in my eyes right now. I know it’s the truth but being the middle of feeling helpless when I’m doing the work is tough. Thank you for the recommendation at the end. My window faces the east and I wake up with the sun but I’m going to get up and start putting my feet on the ground and see what happens. I can already feel calmness knowing the gratitude that will come over me for sure

    1. Mark is definitely an excellent teacher. He is one of the few truth speakers teaching Hermetic Law but the knowledge is ancient knowledge that has been occulted for centuries. I am trying to explain it here now because its relevant for people to understand how that is relevant to our Food Freedom, Medical Freedom, General Freedoms. It is how I have operated for years.

      Charging yourself each morning by touching the morning dew is an excellent first step. Remember who you are.
      You are Important! You Matter! You are worthy beyond belief!
      Shed she slave self and walk into your more powerful life.

      Blessings to you.

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