This is the training.

From DAY ONE, the corporatocracy wants you focusing on the SELF. This is not a bad thing, but they want you to focus on yourself as a diminished, broken, worthless, useless, person who must PROVE your worthiness to the world. This is based in Lies and Immorality. If it is corporate, it is 100% immoral.

You were born worthy beyond belief!

You Matter!


The work I do is focused on Nothing But The Truth.

Truth is aligned with Morality.

Lies are aligned with Immorality.

Morality is not relative; it is 100% objective, and it is a Universal Law.

I want to shine a light on the path towards knowledge of the Truth.

Nothing is more important to me.

When you understand the Truth and can Know it, then you can stop guessing.

You can stop testing.

You can shed your slave self and walk knowledgably into your full power.

When I talk with people, they are always asking me to get to the point.

They have trouble understanding that I am not selling them anything.

They cannot believe I don’t want something from them.

I am trying to open their minds to want to know the Truth.

I want them to ask why.

I want them to find courage to ask a question.

I want them to participate.

I want them to be brave.

I want them to push themselves to try something new so they can see that there is more. They just want me to give them the price. They just want to know if they can afford it. They don’t want to make any effort to comprehend what I am offering them. They are quick to disqualify themselves. They do not have time. They do not have money. They aren’t smart enough. They aren’t worthy enough.

If I push them and say, “You aren’t ready.”, they quickly receive the offense.

They do not however ask more questions. They are so easy to offend, but they aren’t courageous enough to push back. It is because they do not care. They do not care about themselves enough to learn why I said they are not ready. They do not care enough to defend or declare their own position. They just give up and this my friends, this is immoral action.

Before you are offended and stomp away, think about what I am saying. We should all boldly go forward and know who we are. How many of you know who you are? Do you know what you want? Do you know why you want it? If someone stops you on the street and asks you what you want in life, can you answer?

Do you know what you want and why you want it?

What are you doing to get that? What are you doing to satisfy your desire? Oh, you are not allowed to satisfy your desires. Is it selfish? Is it a terrible way to live your life? Focused on your dreams and desires…

Are you allowing yourself to know what you want and why you want it?

Have you already disqualified yourself from going for it?

Are you too poor?

Are you too busy?

Are you overwhelmed?

Are you too committed in fulfilling the dreams and desires of others?

Are you last on your list?

Are you Important?

Do you even matter?

Do you love yourself?

Are you allowing yourself to love yourself?

Let me tell you what is in it for you:

I want you to see that you are so FREE you can even choose bondage.

I want you to know that you are worthy beyond belief and loved more than you know.

I want you to join me on a journey towards the knowledge of the truth so we can reverse the crimes against humanity. Love is the answer.

Who is with me this New Year?

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  1. Hi Niti!

    I have a new member who is joining the Volusia County Assembly here in Florida.

    Her name is Pearl Lee Etheredge, she reminds me of you with her girls. She is sold out to get her family free of tyranny. She finally found us!

    Keep up the good work. I sent her to your website for inspiration.

    BTW, our new website should be u in 24 hours. The tech rats have stolen 3 past websites. We have members who have a decentralized block chain technology ClearNODE server. Ralph Moore is working at putting The Florida Assembly website on this private encrypted decentralized server.

    Thank you for your Public Service,

    Paul on Volusia (florida)

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