Please forgive me.

My apologies to everyone for the break in my writing. The work I am doing here in North Carolina is real work with boots on the ground. When the load becomes too heavy, my writing often falls by the waist side. Please allow me any grace you can and know that I am still here holding the line.

I am so excited because God is Great!

We have jumped into the pool friends! Our home in town has been listed and we have moved into a rental house until our home sells. We are actively shopping for land where we will build our healing lodge!

We intend to offer seasonal educational events but day to day, we plan to operate as an immersion space. Our guests will be able to book a stay to suit their schedule. They will have the opportunity to immerse themselves in a Regenerative Lifestyle Experience.

While you stand by to see what we are building…

Please check out the work I have published recently:

I have been recording the “Dissolving Illusions” Series on my YouTube channel that you can click here and tune in to.

You can also click here to tune in to the conversations we record LIVE and off the cuff in the Food Church with our real living members. These are unplanned, unscripted conversations. We just clip on a mic and hit record. Haha!

Blessings to you all!

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