Have you been thinking about what I said last week?

I was introducing new ideas. I hope I pushed you into thinking about our world in a different way. There is much to learn and no one teaching the knowledge of the truth in comparison to the corporatocracy lessons that are doled out and spoon fed to hungry and desperate slaves seeking knowledge to climb their way out of perpetual debt slavery.

Oh – you are not a debt slave?

Are you quite sure about that?

I believe the common saying goes, “All I have to do is pay taxes and die!”.

Dear friends, these are the words of a debt slave. In the natural world, we are born out of love, and we can live here in love and peace and joy. FOR FREE. We came into this world worthy beyond belief! We are Important! We Matter! We are the value. Do you even believe that? Can you believe it?

How is it possible that lions and tigers and birds and bees travel over creation, and they live wherever they want, and they do not have any schooling, they have no physicians, they do not use grocery stores, have jobs, pay bills, or require anything that Nature does not fully provide?

Why can they travel freely, and we must yield to them and yet we have no ability to move about the world freely ourselves?

Well, I guess there are some people who wander about and are known as vagabonds, gypsies, or whatever unsettling term folks can come up with to describe these rogue individuals. They rarely fit in anywhere and are targeted as though they are criminals or crack pots. Perhaps they simply know who they are, and they know where they are from so, they can declare their freedoms and their full power everywhere they go.

I have often dreamt of being able to let my life go and just wander aimlessly around the globe, but then I realize that I have been civilized and tamed and trained into comforts of structure and consistency. I especially love to sleep in my bed and live in my feathered nest. I both love and loathe my conditioning to this sameness. I would rather create a stable home base and then travel for shorter periods of time, or for seasons with the ability to always come back to my home base. I am working to create that for our family and show our children what that life would feel like.

Ok, let me stop day dreaming for a minute and get back to the idea that we want to be free and yet we are entangled in this matrix of manmade lies. There is a procedure, an order of how to remove yourself from such an entanglement, but rarely does anyone speak of it. It has been trained into us that those people who think this way are irresponsible, unsafe, careless, thoughtless, selfish, untamed, simply wild people! 

We are supposed to be good, hard working, God fearing, family focused, fun loving and institutionally educated people who care about others! So, we sacrifice our day dreams in exchange for acceptance in this façade of the matrix. But why? 

Why can we not have the best of both worlds? We should be able to have the stability of a family and a home base and still be able to travel and go on adventures learning about different places and meeting new people all over the world! 

It is the Debt.

Did you know that there is no unmet national debt? There is only a national credit that has not been applied to the ledger by those seeking to depart secretly, to evade the legal process of a court by hiding within or secretly leaving our jurisdiction, with the payments made by millions of innocent people via bogus claims of abandonment and embezzlement. 

We Americans, have authorized the application of the national credit to the national debt and as the priority creditors of (almost) the entire world, do not need nor do we seek bankruptcy protection.

There are no valid foreclosures because these transactions have been voided by fraud and non-disclosure. All “mortgages” resulting from so called “home loans” are debts owed by the territorial and municipal corporations, not people, and are in fact lease purchase agreements, neither mortgages nor loans in fact.

Government service corporations, meaning our vendors (because We the People are the government, not the corporation), “borrowed” our assets without our knowledge or consent, hypothecated debt based on our assets, and have now gone bankrupt. Leaving the world to suppose that we agreed to all of this and that we are avoiding payment, when in fact we are objecting to claims of Odious Debt and taking practical action to end this fiasco. To protect the pension funds and investors while holding the people harmless, we have developed a means to hold all foreclosures in abeyance and translate this odious debt into credit for the actual homeowners.

There are white hats (good guys) who are doing the real work while the Truth remains hidden, and the general global population continues to watch the theatre created by the criminal corporatocracy that I have been warning you all about for the last 15 years. They are the ones poisoning our food system and practicing medical murder under a license to kill.

Regarding The Funny Money – 

The various fiat currencies and bonds and securities related to them must be restructured. It is a given that securities will continue to exist and be used in some forms in the future, but it is also a given that the securities now in existence have been compromised by counterfeiting and other issues. We will be wrapping old US Treasury Bonds and creating new hybrid high security bonds backed by gold, oil, or other actual commodity assets.

What you need to fully comprehend this restructuring is the Old-World Lawful Structure; especially regarding the relationship between the Holy See and the Incorporated Governments.

Old-World Lawful Structure:

The Holy See

v Unincorporated Government of the Holy Roman Empire

Ø  The Vatican Chancery Court – The Bank of the Holy See

§  The Vatican City State Municipal Franchise

·      The Vatican Bank

¨     The United States, Incorporated, Municipal Franchise (now in Chapter 7)

Ø  All other Municipal Government Franchises Worldwide

§  The United States of America, Incorporated, Territorial (British Crown) Franchise (Now in Chapter 11)

·      All other Territorial (British Crown) Government Franchises Worldwide

The New Structure:

As regards to Settlement of Debts Owed and Ownership Interests

The Holy See

v Unincorporated Government of the Holy Roman Empire

Ø  Vatican Chancery Court – The Bank of the Holy See

United States of America

v Unincorporated Government of the Unites States

Ø  American States and Nations Bank – International Trade Bank

§  Athabascan and Lakota Sioux Tribal Nations

·      Sovereign Bank of Dene – International Trade Bank

¨     Bank of Dene – Commercial Bank

Ø  All Municipal (Vatican) Governments / Franchises Worldwide

§  All Territorial (British Crown) Governments / Franchises Worldwide

*The Bank of Dene is the new generation commercial bank on this Continent.

Wrapping it up, the Earth and our labor and the derivatives of our labor (copyrights, trademarks, patents, and so on) are the only sources of value on this planet and there is not exhaustion or limit of the riches and assets we all possess. This is true for all the people of every nation. 

We are the Value. Let that sink in…until next time. There is great love here for you.

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  1. Hello, I just watched your interview with Anna Maria #23. You suggested that I go back to show 1. I busted your sight and found the oldest video but don’t know if that was the first one or not. I corrected my status two months ago. I domicile on Idaho. I am free. Free to take on the burden of self govt. I have not had the opportunity to read your book as of yet but from what I gather from your site, we share common beliefs. 5 years ago I wrote a number of blogs for Mother Earth News. I knew the day was coming when the average American was going to have to.learn to grow their own food. Being a former certified arborist, I took my officially recognized education and sought to identify and solve any future problems the De Facto might throw at the farmer suburbanite. Problems like water, from the atmosphere. Energy, solar. Food quality, organic, and space, backyard or community garden. “Food Forever” is a poultry based (not necessarily chickens) regenag micro farm.
    I want to know if I could be interviewed as it’s March and I want to find someone to flesh out the project before another year goes by. Thank you.

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