Men and Women are above any statutory law or code or regulation, so any rule that accrues via any act of legislation does not pertain to them unless they contract otherwise.

This is all designed purely and simply to defraud the living people, to purloin or outright steal their assets and their credit for the benefit of third parties. These are, whether we like it or not, the practices of crime syndicates.

Go back and take a look at the image I created for this post which displays the current hidden caste system that is alive and well here on American soil that you may not realize you are a part of.

First they “redefined” us as British Territorial U.S.Citizens, next they “redefined” us as the U.S. Citizens as Roman Catholic-owned Municipal CORPORATIONS, and now, they have tried to redefine everyone who got the Covid 19 shot as Genetically Modified Organisms (GMOs) owned by DARPA under patent, licensed to Microsoft, Inc.

Still want to fly the rainbow flag and choose your pronouns?

Words matter folks and there are only two genders that designate the highest authority on the Land so choose wisely.

A societies freedom is based on how morally responsible it is. Morality is not relative. Your truth is not probably The Truth. Truth is aligned with morality and Lies are aligned with Immorality. Universal powers establish which is which, not your feelings or opinions.

Truth and Morality are objective as assigned by Natural Law. You can’t fool Mother Nature.

This is about crimes against the living people.

We, living people, individually and collectively, are owed all right, title, and interest in our names and our natural estates, all vested and physical interest in our assets, and we hold the unique survivorship interest in our named estates and country, our Union States and our States of the Union, our public and private property and assets of all kinds, including but not limited to our credit.

Keep following to learn more about that. There is great love here for you.

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  1. Love this! My friend found you due to your work concerning this. And told me about you, since I talk both about freedoms and growing food. Being 23, an author and content creator, I have a lot of ideas and I’m inspired to help create change in the world. I’m connected to the very fast-growing permaculture community across Florida, for instance, Jim Gale from Food Forest Abundance and his 50 acres of Food Forests and off-grid airbnbs at Galts Landing Florida. He flies the peace flag, very freedom oriented. The model he is creating can be replicated all across the state and we will become VERY free and prepared for what’s the come! I have taken initiative to start such a project local to Tampa, looking for land and collaborators. I would be open to your advice and wisdom. I plan to create a space for my generation to also learn all this stuff. Here is a seminar I did recently about the project, please feel free to share this around: Thanks so much, please let me know your thoughts! – Cory Endrulat

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