Post the attack of 2020 people are beginning to realize there is a veil between the unchanging, eternal & immutable, Universal Truth (Inherent to Creation) and understanding that is Harmonized with Nature with Knowledge and Understanding vs. the Civilized World. Have you noticed there is the civilized world and the uncivilized world? In the uncivilized world, you can live for free, work for what you need and take responsibility for yourself. In the uncivilized world, you have to do as you are told, pay to live and pay to be taken care of by others based on what they deem to be fit for you while pretending o be responsible for yourself. In that false reality, you are actually asking permission and earning licenses to operate under the parameters restricting your free thought and critical thinking, solutionary ideas.

LIVE FOR FREE!? Don’t you think you should be able to exist on the planet you were born on just because you have arrived? I mean the lions and tigers, birds and fish and all the other beasts of the planet are able to just exist and inhabit the place they were born because they have arrived. The idea that you have to pay to live is UNNATURAL. It is actually immoral. Who owns these natural resources? Who gave them to whom? If you were to take a step outside of the institutionalized brainwashing programming, you can plant your feet firmly in the soil, sand or in a creek or ocean and connect with the Universal Truth. The truth that you were born worthy beyond belief! That you are wanted and loved unconditionally by the universe! You are IMPORTANT! You MATTER!

More and more people are waking up to the fact that if you give others your power to make decisions on your behalf, they just might start making decisions for you that allow them to gain a power differential that they can use to manipulate or control you in ways you might not even notice until it is too late. For example, there is a Food and Drug Administration that is supposed to be regulating the food supply and ensuring that whatever is being offered and sold for profit on the market is safe and will not cause harm. However, these SAME individuals are also regulating and working for the drug companies that need you to need their drugs. I am not sure who thought the Food regulators and Drug regulators should be the same people, but that is how the system is set up at the moment. Funnily, most people are too busy with their own chaotic lives to recognize the obvious conflict of interest there is in this governmental arm that is overreaching.

There is the same or similar situation happening in finance, medicine, agriculture, biotechnology, technology, YOU NAME THE INDUSTRY – THERE IS A CONFLICT OF INTEREST. Never fear, your participation is not required. You can EXIT the system and BUILD your own life free from the confines of this system by Shedding the Slave Self.

In the days and weeks to come, I will be unfolding strategies you can implement to break out of the chains that bind you and walk back into your power. Knowledge is required. Action is required. You are required to know and understand the ancient universal and natural laws. These truths have been occulted or hidden by the few to create a power differential over the masses.

In order to exit and build there are a few things you need to understand:

Today I would like to simply invite you to think about the idea that nothing is happening to you. Everything is happening FOR YOU! Your thoughts become things and there is a race at this time to control your thoughts. You see, if the few people in charge can control the thoughts that you think, then they can control how you feel and what action you will take as a result. You choose to participate in their psychological warfare every time you turn on the television, radio, or read their newspapers and magazines.

Try to unplug from them for 5-7 days. Perhaps you simply stop watching the news for a week and see how you feel. If you turn the television off for 1 week and have minimal conversations with people and just try to enjoy the quiet or the family conversations in your own house for the week and see what your emotional state is at the end of those 7 days.

Leave comments below about what you discover when you UNPLUG for a week and focus on your family and what is happening in your life only. Did you discover relief or more chaos and confusion?

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