Natural Law is based on 8 basic principles which are universal, non-manmade, binding and immutable conditions that govern the consequences of behavior. Natural Law is a body of Universal Spiritual Laws which act as governing dynamics of consciousness. This knowledge of the Truth has been occulted or hidden and has been demonized by the few who want to reserve this knowledge differential as a power differential to hold humanity enslaved. Politics and Religions have been established as a psychological race to control human consciousness is at the root of the greatest Spiritual battles mankind has face throughout all of these Dark Ages. This power differential is at the root of centuries of needless human suffering.

Mankind has faced multiple great human extinctions in the past. As we roll into these Golden Ages the occulted or hidden truths are becoming more and more widely known by the masses which is why we see the washing out of evil into the light. There is an upheaval happening as light is coming in to wash out all the darkness. This is the Best of Times and so it makes sense that is is also the Worst of Times.

Those who choose to walk in Truth and Morality will avoid needless suffering while those who continue to allow Lies and Immorality to plague society will continue to suffer and die. We all have the opportunity to change our minds at any time. We can awaken to the knowledge of the Truth and change our results by simply changing our behavior. We are the masters of our experience in this lifetime. We choose our reality and so it is important to do the work to gain the knowledge of the truth. It is my desire to de-occult or reveal (unveil) hidden truths for those who are seeking it.

To begin we must understand the Hermetic Principles of Natural Law. These Principles were delivered to us by Hermes, the “Messenger of the Gods”. Let me summarize the history of alchemy in Europe, the Middle East, India and China. Alchemy is tradition spanning millennia that influenced the development of modern chemistry, medicine, philosophy and psychology. Western alchemy blends Greek, Egyptian, Islamic and Jewish traditions, and is a branch of Hermetic philosophy, which is based on the works of Hermes Trismegistus, meaning “Thrice-Great” Hermes.

It is debated why Hermes Trismegistus was called “Thrice-Great” but it is thought that it is because he knows three parts of the wisdom of the universe: alchemy (the operation of the sun), astrology (the operation of the stars) and theurgy (the operation of the gods). Hermes credited the creation of astrology to Zoroaster, founder of the Zoroastrian religion and Middle-Eastern philosopher living sometime in the second half of the 2nd millennium BC.

Hermes Trismegistus is considered the founder of science, religion, mathematics, geometry, alchemy, philosophy, medicine and magic. He is a combination of the Egyptian God Thoth of wisdom, learning and communications and the Greek God Hermes, messenger of the gods.

He is also credited to have written somewhere between 20,000 (Seleucus) to 36,525 (Manetho) works, of which 42 were kept the great Library of Alexandria, which was destroyed multiple times. Unfortunately, but against all odds, a small handful of Hermes’ texts remain today, most of which are compiled into the Corpus Hermeticum.

It is said that Hermes Trismegistus received his divine wisdom in meditative trances. He covered topics such as medicine, chemistry, law, art, music, magic, philosophy, geography, mathematics and anatomy. His knowledge was so vast and all-encompassing that the ancient Egyptians called him the messenger or communicator of the gods.

In modern day, the term “Hermetically sealed” is commonly used to mean airtight and impervious to gases. The word “Hermetic” today typically means secret or sealed. Hermeticism was generally veiled in secrecy and only those who were truly ready could receive the Hermetic teachings. Hermes is also said to have had magical powers that could seal a box or chest is such a way that it could never be opened.

Much of the Hermetic and alchemical literature was destroyed and the remainder shifted to the Islamic world in 400-600 AD, and eventually emerged in medieval Europe into the Renaissance.  The Christians, starting with Emperor Constantine and his successors, erased almost every trace of Hermeticism from 312 AD until well into the 6th century, putting to death thousands of pagans, many of whom were Hermetic, and destroying temples and sacred texts.

Being opposed by the Church, the Hermetic tradition was forced to the occult underground and permeates Western esoteric traditions. This includes secret societies such as the Freemasons, Rosicrucians, Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn, Thelema, as well as modern Paganism, New Age, and Wicca. The Theosophical Society, the philosophy behind the Waldorf/Rudolf Steiner schools, is also influenced by Hermetic philosophy.

Knowing this historical background is important because the reason that NATURAL LAW is not honored and revered today is primarily because Religionists have used God and the Devil to create a veil of lies and manipulation over the greater human population. Every faith knows that “Knowledge of the Truth Shall set you Free”, but they are unaware of what this means.

Most people on the planet right now have no idea that they are being held in voluntary slavery. Let me be clear, ALL SLAVERY is voluntary. Our thoughts become things. If we allow ourselves to fear that someone is coming to get us and that they will take us and abuse us. We will eventually be taken and abused on some level unless we stop thinking those thoughts. There is a race to control our consciousness. If they can control your mind, they can make you do whatever they want you to do.

You have to be careful what you think about and make sure that when negative thoughts cross your mind that you acknowledge the thought and then promptly work on building momentum towards what you actually want. People misunderstand and think this means to stop thinking that thought that you were thinking and the more that you try, the more you only think that thought. What I am saying is, when you have such thoughts crossing your mind – go and get busy doing something else. I like to find something that puts my hands to work immediately. Cleaning, organizing, working in the yard or garden, caring for children or animals – these things get you busy working on and thinking about the things that matter most.

People follow my work because they want to know how to operate Rogue Food systems or generally how to finesse the system and operate outside the regulatory constraints. What I am trying to make everyone understand is that before you can do any of that, you must first have knowledge of the truth. Then you can stand on the truth and you can operate in the sovereignty you were blessed with at birth by God.



You are WORTHY beyond belief!

Are you ready to open your mind and learn the knowledge of the Truth?

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