In my last post I was leading into these principles, but I felt that it was first very important to share the ancient history that highlighted an ideal that there are a group of people who are using a knowledge differential to maintain a power differential over the rest of humanity. There have been endless crimes against humanity in these Dark Ages. History has been occulted or hidden and the knowledge of the truth has been destroyed or manipulated over so many centuries that it is difficult for people to know what the truth is even if it were to fall on top of their head and knock them down to the ground.

We are living in a time even now that books are being burned and information is only accessible on the internet where it can be changed and manipulated on the minute. No one has any idea if what they are reading or learning is part of reality or just a false charade! This style of chaos and confusion has held humanity in bondage since the beginning of time.

It was believed that if this occulted knowledge was known by all, then there may be those who wish to use this against us by twisting the truth. I believe that if everyone knows the truth, then we are on an even playing field and then it is left to each person to use their discretion to determine what they wish to believe is true or false. In other words, I believe that if everyone knows the truth, it is harder to fall for TRICKS! These principles of Natural Law during the medieval times was knowledge only accessible by the Kings and the Priests. They held this knowledge close to the vest in order to better control their disciples and maintain a power differential over other kingdoms. Women were restricted from all knowledge, and were not allowed to learn to read or write.

This is the history of humanity friends, not of a specific religion or faith or culture. We have been made to believe that our beliefs or knowledge is better or more powerful because of the God we worship when the truth is that we are all equally worthy beyond belief. There is no one man that has the right to Lord over or to rule over another. We are all here to create a vast tapestry of our individual ideas and inspirations. Life is supposed to be good to us. Life is supposed to be good for us. Competition is not real. This is a lie and when we operate in competition we are living immoral lives. Morality is not relative. Morality aligns with TRUTH and Immorality aligns with LIES.

Kings and Priests and Leaders of the past tried to keep this knowledge of the truth hidden and it resulted in death, destruction, famine, and endless and needless human suffering and death. We can continue to repeat the past and remain divided in our separate religions and political groups and on our different lands and in our own cultures that are closed to the rest of humanity, or we can choose to love everyone everywhere and open a dialogue of truth and freedom. Those of us who are pushing the needle for global conversations are being censored, banned, threatened, harmed and even killed just because we want to reveal these occulted truths about how our planet and this universe operates.

Shouldn’t you be wondering WHY?

Most of the world current day has been civilized now for over 150 years. There are still a few patches of uncivilized people still tied to the land and soil alive, but most of them have been exterminated or converted into the civilized world. This means that their consciousness has been taken over by the hive style of mind control. The population is “triggered” by reality and have been trained to quickly re-assimilate when this occurs by dismissing, diminishing, destroying and cancelling the perpetrators of truth.

TRIGGERED is a professional, psychological term used to describe language that has been programmed to upset or enrage a person who has been brainwashed or is operating under mind control. If you find yourself being “triggered” you should know that you have been mind controlled and you should seek help breaking out of those immoral lies. This is difficult to do at first, but the key is to go outside and walk barefoot on the soil, rise and sleep with the sun, eat only real meat you find from local farmers in your region and stop eating all plant material for 5-7 days. After you fast from television programming, technology, phones and plant food for a week or so, you can clearly see the lies unveiled from the truth. Once you can see the truth, you cannot UNSEE it.

So what are these principles you ask?

1 – Mentalism – The ALL is MIND.

2 – Correspondence – That which is above is like to that which is below.

3 – Vibration – Nothing Rests. Everything moves. Matter is simply energy in a state of vibration.

4 – Polarity – Everything is dual in nature. There are always two ends of a stick.

5 – Rhythm – Everything Flows, everything has its Tides.

6 – Cause & Effect – Every Cause has its Effect and vice versa.

7 – Gender – The sacred Masculine and the sacred Feminine.

8 – Generative – This is the most important principle and it is the one that governs all of creation. It is what powers and activates all the other 7 principles. This lost principle is the principle of CARE.

So, is there FREE WILL? Yes, but there is no will that does not have a consequential effect.

Next time I will start breaking down each of these principles.

Are you aware of how these principles are codified in our Constitution?

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