This first principle of Natural Law is one of the most deeply occulted principles on earth. Knowledge of this information has been hidden more powerfully than any other information on the planet. THIS important knowledge is the reason that ALL THE OTHER shiny bright lights and distractions have been created. As long as you are busy distracted by them, may you never see this truth and this KEY to FREEDOM for humanity. Do you really want to know how to have peace on earth and enjoy good will towards man? It is 100% possible with this knowledge. So it is the reason why the few who wish to maintain a power differential over the many maintain a powerful veil of shiny bright lights over you, to keep you in the dark.

Knowledge of this Truth will set you free if you can allow yourself to see it and understand it and learn all about it. The problem is that benevolence in our hearts makes it difficult to accept the level of evil required to maintain such a big veil, a matrix over humanity. This illusionary cage we put ourselves in is all part of a mastermind psychological operation of such great magnitude that it has held a boot on the neck of humans for thousands of generations. Basically, for all of the Dark Ages, we have been held in oppression by Lies and Manipulation. We are now in the Golden Age and so all these Lies are being unveiled, revealed and washed out. A new earth is rising with LOVE as the divine solvent, that it always was and is, of everything.

First let us understand and know that the word “occult” means hidden and not something evil as it has been brainwashed into our thoughts and beliefs for all of time. To understand the deceit, knowledge is required and you will need an open mind to receive and be able to process all of this. In the past, anyone who dared to reveal this knowledge was put to death. At this point, the devils challenge all of us light workers to TRY and make anyone believe this truth. They are arrogant and confident that their brainwashing and mind control is so powerful that nothing we do or say to teach the truth will be heard and definitely not accepted by the population at large. I for one will not give up on humanity or on goodness which I know will always prevail because LOVE is the divine solvent of everything.

I have been called an idealist for my faith in Humanity. Idealist n. “a person who is guided more by ideals than by practical considerations”. I will take that title and add VISIONARY to it. I am an idealist and a visionary who can see the truth.

After the death of our precious daughter Meenakshi, I felt that my own opinions and judgement was so poor that I would never operate in that vulnerable and fragile position of guessing or judging based on my lack of experience. I would only move forward in KNOWLEDGE and KNOWING the TRUTH. If I could not operate or move forward knowing what I needed to do based on the life experience of others whom I knew and trusted or based on knowledge that I studied carefully and became proficient in before making any moves, I would not move. I became an avid reader, a researcher, I started going places and visiting the land of others and asked lots of questions. If I could not find the truth in books, I put on my boots and hit the ground looking for answers.

After the last 15 years of changing the way I operate, I have gained a greater perspective. I have sharpened my lens and cleared, cleaned, polished the plane from which I see. Perception is not reality, it is the filter from which you see reality. The interesting thing about truth is that once you get a whiff of it, you cannot unsee it. Once you allow yourself to walk a few miles in truth, your life changes in profound ways so that now there is nothing that happens that isn’t in your absolute favor. If things are not working out for you, it is plain to see that the path you are on is not real. You can then more easily decipher the truth and reality from the lies and deception.

I stopped pushing to make things go my way and started trying to see why things weren’t going my way. It was not long before I was able to trust that the universe had my back and that if I was not getting my way, that there was a great reason why. Perhaps I misjudged the good intentions of another. Perhaps the path was easier and I was making it harder. Perhaps the idea I had was something I misunderstood and it required more clarity for the reality to manifest as it should for my highest and best good. Everyway that I looked at it, I learned quickly that if I just follow the path I was being led down by allowing thoughts to come to me in quiet moments, I was far more successful in life. I started meditating every morning, afternoon, evening and night before bed. Anytime I felt frustrated, I would go sit in the dark and quiet for just a few minutes and by the time I felt like moving back out again, I was content with a new direction.

I started experiencing success with my ideas at a more rapid rate. Following my inspirations was so much easier than efforting through every single moment every day. I never knew how well rehearsed my intuition was. Fortunately we had plenty of boring days outdoors as children where we just threw ourselves on the ground and stared at the sky. All the outdoor time we had growing up was really paying off to help me remember how to let go and follow the inspirations of my heart. Now a lot of folks will think that I am just chasing desires and money. Inspiration and dreams are not money and desires. Money and desires are what imitation dreams and inspiration is in this matrix or veiled world where the truth has been occulted from us.

Once you experience the difference of how daydreams and dreams and inspirations generally work, you become limitless. Some people say things like, “Let Go and Let God” but then they don’t follow up with the CARE that is required behind that to want to seek the guidance from that connection. You can let go and stop efforting but still pay attention. Where are you focused? What are you interested in? What are you focused upon? WHAT DO YOU WANT!? You have to know what you want so that you know what you do not want. Once you know what you want and what you do not want then start walking towards what you want and stop looking back at what you do not want.

HOCUS. POCUS. FOCUS! If you do not take the time to learn what you want and what you do not want, you can not get anywhere or do anything. Most folks wander aimlessly their whole lives trying to follow the path that the government laid out for them. This is a sad and pathetic way to live and I can say that because I DID THAT until I basically was responsible for allowing medical professionals talk me into allowing them to torture my child to actual death. NEVER AGAIN.

Never again will I walk around aimlessly. I no longer allow chaos and confusion in my life. I only operate in focused, deliberate intention. I will sit quietly if I am ever at a loss about what I need to do. So far, I have been busier than I ever have been. I rise with the sun, go outside and touch the soil and thank the sun for rising on time again just for me! After that I receive a download of inspiration as I prepare my fatty meaty breakfast that consists of regenerative farm fresh eggs, bacon and sausages cooked in ghee, lard, bacon grease or some combination of all of that.

After I eat, or sometimes WHILE I am eating I write out the plans for my day. If I do not make a list right away I lose my inspirations that day and somehow the day never feels as full as otherwise. It is as though I receive my to do list from God and as long as I accomplish the first 2-3 items, I feel accomplished. Now a days, those days when I only accomplish the first 2-3 things are my “bad days” vs. most of my time which means that I did the list and so much more that, I cannot believe how much I am able to accomplish in a day.

TRY IT! See if you like it and let me know how things change for you in your life. This is a demonstration of how THOUGHTS BECOME THINGS friends. Our consciousness is what the devils are after. They want to control your consciousness because if they can control your thoughts, they can stifle your full power to manifest what you want in this lifetime.

They (the few who have a power differential over you because they have a knowledge differential advantage over you) want you to manifest what they want in this life experience at your expense. You have the free will to make that stop but you have to understand how it works and then decide to make it stop. You must first realize that they have control of your mind via the television programming. Now that is extended your technology equipment that is attached to your body as a smart watch, smart phone, smart whatever technology.

So let’s review, the capstone of the Natural Law principles is the principle of MENTALISM, which assumes the substance that creates and sustains our entire reality is consciousness, and the source of that consciousness is God. So I, you, and everything we see exists within the mind of God (source, creator, or whatever you want to call it). This source of all existence is referred to as THE ALL.

It circulates through human minds, looks through human eyes, interprets the world through human forms. And it knows itself as ONE.

Most people operate in the world as if they are an effect, believing that everything they see around them and everything that happens to them is beyond their control. But the principle of mentalism says something entirely different. The Principle of mentalism tells us that, by sheer essence of the fact that we are conscious, we are actually operating in the realm of CAUSE, not effect. WE are the CAUSE of everything we see around us. Consciousness is the force that operates all other forces, i.e., energy, power, and matter.


It’s helpful to realize that consciousness, not matter, is the substance of reality. This is corroborated by the fact that everything that comes into the world of physicality originates as a thought in someone’s mind. Nothing we see simply appears before us out of nowhere. It has to be first conceptualized through the vehicle of mind. Matter is just one of the innumerable forms that consciousness can arrange itself into.

Mind has various modes of operation that manifest as different frequencies, which are experienced as different levels of consciousness. The supreme degree of consciousness in the vast sea of vibratory frequencies is the source of all creation. It is The All. It is the mind from which all thought and matter originated.

The higher the vibrational frequency of our consciousness, the closer we are to the level of this original source vibration (the original thought/intention of the manifest world). This means as we engage in thoughts, feelings, and behaviors that raise our vibrational frequency, and become more resonant with the original source frequency of creation, AND we become better equipped to manifest our desires in the physical world. This is in part because we are able to attract and/or generate new, more innovative, and intelligent (high-vibrational) information through our resonance with higher levels of consciousness. 

Now that you know you can take back your power as soon as you decide you are ready to take the reigns, will you do it?

Taking complete responsibility for your thoughts can be scary when we have not been able to choose what to think, actually, for a long time. 

I hear many people say they are unable to sit or be present in a silent room. 

They do not know what to do without the phone constantly entertaining their thoughts. 

Taking time out in nature to unplug requires you to leave all the technology in the house, room, or your car.

Are you ready to unlock your potential and walk back into your full power?

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  1. As always beautifully written.
    Today I’m leaving my phone inside as I go out to milk the cows. Normally I plug it into my Bluetooth and listen to some music while in the barn. Not anymore. I’m going to listen to the earth and my soul.
    Thank you for taking the time to write this.

    1. Blessings to you April. I am excited to learn what you are inspired to do when you are unplugged and immersed in the TRUTH, in nature. I also bet those cows will experience a different energy from you when you can be fully focused on them and that the milk you receive as a result will be more powerful medicine that it was before.

  2. Thank you Niti,
    Your words get me refocused on what I believe I’m here for, which is to develop systems to produce healthy food for my family and to help others do the same for theirs.

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