Mirror Image. As is above, So it is Below. As within, is Without. Have you ever gotten out on the wrong side of the bed and then you go through the entire day in a giant chaotic mess? This is the Natural Law Principle, that when you learn how it works, will make sure you NEVER have a day like that ever again. And if you do, you will know that it is 100% your own fault and you will know what you can do to make that stop as soon as RIGHT NOW! 

How you feel inside is how you are reflecting your image outside. If you feel low and slow and sad and scared, you will look the part. The amazing truth about this Law is that we have the power to change the way we want to view life in every moment. We have been trained by the psychological brainwashing and mind control leaders who write the narratives; that we are unworthy and unless and until we suffer and pay our dues and prove to them that we are better, we are useless. You can also just turn those bad words off right now. I haven’t watched the news since I moved out of my parents house when I was 17. When I watched the news I always felt fearful, so I just stopped torturing myself by not watching the news.

I have been ridiculed as having my head in the sand, being irresponsible, idealistic, childish and missing out on the mainstream. I am known as a crunchy, granola, woo woo, silly goose with my head in the sand and much worse. Despite all the bad words people try to throw at me, I know that I am armored with the knowledge of the TRUTH. It isn’t the TRUTH that shall set you free. It is the KNOWLEDGE of the TRUTH that will set you free. When you have KNOWLEDGE of the TRUTH you can walk in your full power knowing that things will always work out for you because you will know that what you get, is what you put out into the world. You receive the level of love you maintain inside of yourself for yourself.

Don’t misunderstand me, I had to do the work. You will have to take action as well if you want to feel better. When you know better, then you must do better. It is Law. I was naturally operating in the love that was overflowing inside me just like ALL OF US! Children are born into this world worthy beyond belief and THEY KNOW IT! Act with the confidence and love a child has for himself and you will have found the key to The Principle of Correspondence!

First Things First. First things First means – you cannot move forward without First understanding the basic principles. Do the work to understand how the universal laws work and then you will be able to unlock the power to create your own reality. When you feel like a worthless lump on a log inside, you are received as the same. It is not how the universe feels about you. The Universe knows that : You are Important! You Matter! You are worthy beyond belief! If only you believed that yourself.

What words do you use to describe yourself? Are you following the Hallmark sayings: “It’s Wine O’Clock”! , “I can’t adult today”!, “Wine a little and it’ll feel better”!~ These diminishing insults insinuate that you are incompetent, you require alcohol to find joy, happiness and purpose and YOU ALLOW THOSE WORDS TO BE PUT ON YOU!

So you can start by not allowing bad words to be spoken around you. These are bad words. I was in Hallmark looking for a birthday card one day when I realized that there wasn’t a single inspirational positive word available almost anywhere in the whole place. It broke my heart and I was so saddened to know that I operated in those bad words for more than 4 decades! Man was I stupid. It’s ok, I don’t do that anymore! Now I try to buy cards with beautiful art on them and then I write my own words. Better yet, I design my OWN cards! I love cards y’all. I love hiding cards and notes around the house for my children, for my husband, or mailing hand written cards to my friends.

In our CSA we hand make cards for the membership for the holidays. Sometimes we just make them cards for no reason at all, just because we love them and are so grateful to have such incredible humans in our community. We are always in awe of the people who come to support our work. WHO ARE THESE INCREDIBLE PEOPLE? You should be so lucky as to get a whiff of them. It is their greatness that allows me to know that whatever I am doing must be on track. When I attract rude, and uncouth people, I have to look inside myself to see where I have gone wrong. Sometimes I do not figure it out fast enough, but I am always trying to do a better job.

Understanding and practicing these principles of Natural Law are not like earning a degree. You don’t take a test, pass it and now you have a certificate that you are good on the Correspondence Principle of Natural Law. No, no, you have to keep working at it and if you have a miss step, the universe unemotionally lets you know that you will have to “try again”. It is exactly saying that all the time since people these days have been sold a bill of lies and are wandering out in the world believing that everything in their lives are outside of their control and that they are just somehow born with dumb luck.

Nothing could be further from the truth. Maya Angelou said, “Words are THINGS!”. She knew the truth and the Law and she would not allow anyone to speak bad words in her presence. I won’t either, much to the chagrin of many. I find it difficult to allow anyone who stands before me to diminish themselves or others. WHY should we allow such behavior? It isn’t funny. This is how people have been made to believe they should joke with each other. It isn’t funny, its insulting. Nowadays the uneducated general population who runs amuck in this Nanny State as incompetent manshildren efforting and exhausting themselves and those around them into operating in immoral lies call me more bad names like old fashioned.

I will not apologize for having a standard and for expecting adults to be competent and responsible for maintaining a successful and loving community around me and my children and for themselves and for their own children. I find myself correcting people in the Food Church all day long because there is no example of this happening anywhere. It is lost in churches and it of course was never in schools which were mind control prisons designed only to produce dehumanized zombie like soldiers. Even the awakened, homeschooling folks I am dealing with have momentary glitching from their previous brainwashing and mind control that we have all suffered and are working to break away from.

You get the idea. What we are feeling inside is reflected outside. How we think in our heads is what is reflected in our daily experience. Your life is a GRIND if you allow them to make you believe it is. I do not GRIND. I do not EFFORT. I do not HUSTLE.

I do move with urgency to do the things I love to do. I love to serve the membership in the CSA and the work I do with my coaching clients and caring for my children and doing the homeschooling activities and preparing meals for my family and nourishing them. I love the self care work I do for myself and the example that sets for my children to learn how to care for themselves too.

If all you can do right now is lay in the bed and start thinking of ways you can find love for yourself, you will start to gain the love of others by this simple action. If you are seeking the love of another or a life partner, you have to be able to love yourself first in the way that you want them to love you. When you are inside what you want outside, it must happen. It is Law.

If you are in a relationship you are unhappy with, changing partners is not the way to start. The way to start in inward. See what is happening with you. Make sure you are loving yourself inside as openly and authentically as you can and then the love you attract outside will be equal to that which you feel inside. It might mean that the person you are currently with washes away because they are not the right match, but you should not start out with that in mind. You should begin with yourself and then you have to maintain that at all times. You cannot simply do it once, attract the love of your life and then stop doing the work. The work is focusing on what you are feeling and experiencing inside. The outside will have to match. It is Law.

This is the same idea at work, looking for work, in your quest for knowledge and your quest for freedom or anything that you want to manifest in your life. You cannot operate in chaos and confusion inside and then expect the outside of your world to operate in anything less than the chaos and destruction that comes with that. There is no need for needless suffering but you have to make better choices. You get to choose what you want to experience. Start quieting the mind and figure out what you want, so you can know what you do not want so you can walk more powerfully towards what you want.

And…watch your language.

What kind of changes will you start making today so that you can more powerfully move in the direction you want to go next?

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  1. I am very much enjoying your blog. I am so thankful that I got to meet you at the RFC.
    Thank you for sharing your wisdom with us!

    1. Thank you for making the time to follow my work and to let me know about it. I hope to see you again sometime. Blessings to you and your family.

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