It is a well known fact that we are vibrational beings in a vibrational universe. People refer to it when talking about the Law of Attraction most often, but what if today you were to open your mind to a new idea? Rather than say, “Well we have no idea what tomorrow brings.”, or “There is no way to know what the future holds for me.”, you began operating in a more deliberate and intentional way, creating your own future! Creating your own reality! WHAT!?

Just hear me out.

Vibration has three characteristics in science: how far a vibration can travel (amplitude), how fast it can travel (frequency), and the speed at which it travels (acceleration). These characteristics describe the back and forth motion of the particles and atoms that form all matter, physical and metaphysical. When we chant words, even at a whisper, we can add momentum and power to these vibrations using our thoughts and emotions. Like when Moses told the seas to part and with his thoughts and emotions focused upon it, he was able to part the sea.

It is also well known that emotions and thoughts carry with them distinct vibrations. Emotions and thoughts of unconditional love are subtle and vibrate the highest. Thoughts and emotions of hate are more dense and vibrate at the lowest frequencies. We can choose to push our thoughts towards love, joy & praise to raise our emotions and elevate our vibrational frequency. We can also lose ourselves in thoughts of loved ones we have lost and fall into a pit of lower vibrational frequencies of grief. I know that every day I choose love and praise over allowing myself to lament over Meenakshi, our daughter that we watched needlessly suffer and die.

You see how our frequencies and emotions can control the trajectory of our overall vibration in this way? If we are grieving or allowing ourselves to believe we have to struggle and work hard and overcome obstacles at every turn only to earn pennies on the dollar – that is how we will live. If I allow myself to focus on the horrific experience we had with our daughter suffering needlessly, I can easily find myself in a pit of depression and suicidal thoughts and I too can suffer greatly the rest of my days. Alternately, I can choose to operate in love, praise and joy and work to help shift the energy of the rest of the people who get a whiff of me so that we can stop the needless suffering of as many people as we can touch in our short time on this earth plane.

I choose love. I choose praise. I choose to raise my vibration. I choose not to allow chaos or confusion into my life. I do not allow lies and manipulation into my life experience. I walk in truth and freedom by way of taking responsibility for my every thought. This is the work friends.

I have to remain focused at all times. This is not like a college degree where someone hands you a paper to mark a milestone. Those are false idols that people focus too much on. Thoughts are things and should be valued and carefully chosen to create a path that leads you to your dreams and desires. This work is ongoing.

Practice creating an emotion you want and then make that feeling grow bigger or calm it down and pack it away. Practice this with both good and bad emotions. When something strikes you as negative, put more focus on that and really understand WHY you are feeling that emotion and figure out how you need to shift your mind to raise your vibration. What was the thing that caused that lower vibration? With this practice you will find that you can control your emotions in such a way to maintain a higher frequency at all times.

When you are able to walk down the street while people are making faces at you, they are calling you names or yelling at you and you have no need to react, you have become the master of your emotions. Perhaps you cross paths with someone who is that “postal driver” that is constantly angry with you for existing in their space and you have to allow them to get past you so you can more peacefully continue to travel. If you can do this without any reaction to their hostile and erratic behavior, you have again demonstrated mastery over your emotions.

It helps for me to think of how we behave with toddlers trying to walk. They get up and they fall down and they get up and they fall down. They struggle to stand and we cheer them on. We don’t shout at them saying, “Get up you little dummy!”. No, we love, praise and encourage them to walk. We think it is a miracle and we are so happy and excited to see them gain this new found freedom of walking! It must be the same way with everything, with all people. They are all just trying to find their way back onto the path. When they find their way onto the path, it is truly a miracle.

[side note] In this age we have been programmed and brainwashed to operate in many false beliefs by our televisions, computers, phones and other visual imagery devices. The cause could be a “Trigger”. Trigger is a professional psychological term used to define something that emotionally causes harm to a person internally which creates a reaction that is generally displayed as negative behavior. This is a side effect caused by brainwashing and mind control. When a person is triggered, it is clear evidence of psychological warfare that is imposed on people by other people who wish to control and manipulate a population. This is not a behavior that would ever occur naturally in nature.

Natural causes and effects do not make people misbehave and become so upset that they are unable to focus rationally on the reality of a situation. The way to interpret the difference would be simple. When someone is naturally upset by something, you should be able to rationalise with them and reach a peaceful understanding. This might mean that the two people can clearly see that there was a misunderstanding and you can now lovingly move on from that event.

In the event of a trigger from psychological warfare, the two people can not work out their misunderstanding because they cannot find their way to caring enough about each other to offer the grace required to know that people can misunderstand each other sometimes. These fits of rage need to be addressed as the side effects of warfare that they are. Not to be confused or dismissed as natural behavior between loving human beings. [end side note]

Back to the science… modern science has also endorsed the belief that everything in the universe is a result of vibrating atoms and molecules. Tesla stated, “ If you want to understand the universe think in terms of energy, frequency, and vibration.”

The Rishis (enlightened teachers) of the ancient Vedic tradition believed that mankind was made of sound and light. It is believed that the vibrations released by saying Vedic chants in Sanskrit opens the door to consciousness and causes a spiritual shift in an individual’s life.

You are familiar with this perhaps by the power of “OHM”. I used to teach at the YMCA in our community and when we needed to settle the kids down, I would walk around the room simply saying, “OHM….” and holding out the “MMmmmmm” and repeating it to create a vibration of peace and calm in the space. It was incredible how swiftly the room changed its vibration to match mine. Faster than blinking lights or blowing a whistle and far more peacefully shifting the energy of the room. We had the attention of the children, they were joyful and eager to learn what the next activity would be and they joyfully moved towards whatever we led them to learn next.

The Ankh in ancient Egypt was used as a conduit to harness the vibration of the divine power of life and sexual energies.

To the alchemist, the hermetic principle of vibration is a master key to understanding everything created in the universe. This universal law provides a window into the millions of degrees of vibration that separate matter, energy, and spirit. The mastery of the hermetic principle of vibration allows the alchemist to control one’s own mental vibration and the mental vibration of others who arrive in their midst. To the alchemist, the hermetic principle of vibration gives him or her the power to conquer natural phenomena in various ways and manifest at will.

Do you see now how you actually choose how you want to think and feel and therefore you are able to create your own reality? “You receive what you put out into the world”, is a phrase you might be familiar with. This is how that works! Your thoughts and emotions and actions, when aligned are the power you create to harness creation. Once you fully understand, practice and experience how this principle of vibration works, you will know that you are the creator of your own reality.

Now you have to figure out what you want and what you don’t want. Many people create things they think they want but they haven’t actually thought it all the way out or they are thinking too small. For example, a person wants to be rich or at least have more money than they do right now. They earn an extra $100 practicing the law of vibration and they believe this is the evidence they were waiting for and so they can now go back to whatever they were doing.

If they would have only continued to build on that momentum and allowed the universe to surprise and delight them rather than controlling their parameters with tiny limits who knows what would have followed. Think bigger and dream bigger so you can create something bigger for all to behold!

Be open friends! Know that you are Important! Know that you Matter! Know that you are Worthy Beyond Belief and ALLOW the Universe to surprise and delight you in ways you never thought possible!

What will you do differently today in order to harness the power of the Law of Vibration?

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