Generative The 8th principle of Natural Law is the Generative Principle. Abundance grows where attention flows. The generative principle states that what you give your attention towards, manifests into your reality. This principle invokes the power of all the previous seven principles and so it is the occulted principle, deeply hidden to keep humanity unable […]


It is a well known fact that we are vibrational beings in a vibrational universe. People refer to it when talking about the Law of Attraction most often, but what if today you were to open your mind to a new idea? Rather than say, “Well we have no idea what tomorrow brings.”, or “There […]


Mirror Image. As is above, So it is Below. As within, is Without. Have you ever gotten out on the wrong side of the bed and then you go through the entire day in a giant chaotic mess? This is the Natural Law Principle, that when you learn how it works, will make sure you […]