“So Niti, what in the world does all this Hermetic and Natural Law have to do with Food Freedom and Health Independence!?”… “You lost me at Food Church”… “PLEASE UNSUBSCRIBE ME!”… “I am already faithful to my religion”…, or “I am an Atheist”, or “I am cancelling you because you are not talking about what I signed up for”… “I just want to know about being free to sell or buy whatever food I want, and I want to keep the governments off our farms in America!” ~Dear Friends… I HEAR YOU!

I started this blog at the beginning. I understand that you just want to know how to win and have the food freedom and health independence you have the sovereign right to have. You will not have that if you do not understand how to invoke your full power. Full Stop.

I have been trying to figure out how I was able to invoke my Bill of Rights and go up against the FDA, the CDC, the USDA and the NCDA and keep them out of my business. I was doing what was morally correct. I was only trying to feed the families and save the babies with regenerative meats. I was trying to teach people how to cook and what the difference was between grocery store food and what you get from a regenerative farm.

What did I do or what did I say that made me so powerful when they were otherwise terrorizing farmers and taking their meat and milk and dumping it and pouring bleach over it all, destroying their bounty and the life-giving force they were stewarding. They weren’t doing that at my place. I was saying NO to them, but there was something else going on because I am just a little ole’ unarmed Indian woman and they have a giant S.W.A.T. team. Why are they so afraid of me? Why am I such a threat to them?

Well, after 15 years of being in this business and seeking truth for all these years I can finally tell you. There have been two parallel governments in place on our land since the late 1700’s and early 1800’s. I learned that our founding fathers didn’t come to this new land to seek religious freedom. They came here to escape the global corporate tyranny that has held human beings enslaved and tied to debt notes for our blood money for thousands of years.

We have two parallel government systems in place here. There is the DEFACTO “THE UNITED STATES CORPORATION” and there is the DE JURE “The United States of America Unincorporated Organic States of the Land and Soil”.

DEFACTO means: [existing in fact, although perhaps not intended, legal under corporatocracy not lawful under the Land and Soil jurisdiction, or accepted as popular belief]

DE JURE means: [having a right or existence as stated by law]

Our DE JURE Government is still operating on the Land and Soil under the original constitution. The DEFACTO US Corp. Government is a sub-contracting corporation that has usurped our Land and Soil and is operating their criminal enterprises on behalf of “We The People” and our sovereign nation while they hold us prisoner on our homeland under their Marshall Law.

The reason I was able to invoke my Bill of Rights was because I know Natural Law and I operate based on those principles, and I told them I was not aware that I had harmed anyone. I asked them who I had harmed. I told them they were outside their jurisdiction, which no one else seems to say to them. They have no jurisdiction over the living men and women of this land and soil.

This behavior requires courage and responsibility. In 15 years, I have never harmed anyone. I have upset people and there are many people who do not like me. That is not the same as harming anyone. People do not like me because I know the Law. I know that if I am doing no harm to anyone and I am treating others as I want them to treat me, I am operating lawfully under Common Law. I know that the defacto government has no jurisdiction here and I told them so.

ANY BUSINESS OWNER CAN INVOKE THIS POWER if they are not in any contract with them. If you have a license or permission or operate under their inspection services because you agreed to their regulations, you must comply with them. I do not comply with government regulators, and I do not contract with them for permission to operate my business. I clearly state on my LEGAL tab on my website that I do not comply. I warn all eaters or my coaching clients that they should do their due diligence. You do not have to operate under their inspections, their licenses, or permissions. This is MOB RULE.

BUYER BEWARE! I do not comply with the defacto government regulations. You have no recourse here. You must be a living man or woman (a human being or a person or an individual in defacto legalese means: “monster”, “worldly things or things not related to sacred”) who is responsible for yourself if you want to engage in a business relationship with me. If you do not want the protection or insurance of the defacto government regulations, simply state that clearly to everyone before you engage in business. You cannot lie to anyone or trick them as that is considered doing harm.

You must CARE Folks! You must CARE about everyone involved in the exchange. If everyone is not winning, then everyone is losing. We operate in a ZERO balance economic system. We offer a trade for a trade. Meaning a product for cash or energy exchange in the form of labor for energy exchange in the form of a product or the like. You can exchange education or consultation for product or labor currency.

There is no cheating allowed. Taxation is theft and the corporatocracy knows the land, our natural resources, and the labor we provide on this land is owned by us, “We The People” were given this land and its resources by our forefathers and their forefathers and their forefathers before them. They can’t charge us more for it. There has been a lot of criminal activity going on. There is much to discuss and a lot to learn, so buckle up folks. We are going to start breaking things down.

Before we get too far, you need to know and understand that Natural Law is codified by our constitution. Our founding fathers were all Hermetic Practitioners. To understand Common Law, you need to understand Hermetic Laws.

Were you aware that we have war time and peace time American flags? You should all know that peace has been declared in American and all our 50 states. The war time flag is what you have known and seen for the last couple hundred years. The war time flag when displayed with gold fringe signifies that Marshall Law is in place. You may want to look up more about flags and the significance of different flags and how they are displayed. I will talk more about that in another post.

Are you ready to learn more?

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  1. Hi Niti – I have been looking into this for a little while and have been working on Greg Paul and John LIttle’s course “The Law for Mankind” I didn’t realize that you knew about all of this. It’s so great to know this stuff. Good for you for standing up against tyranny! I applaud you, and it is inspiring for all of us. I did not know about the flags.

    1. Hi Debbie, the topic is huge and its hard enough to get folks to be conscious of what they are putting in their mouths. I have been working on trying to get the correct talking points in order to speak about this responsibly. I don’t know Greg Paul or John Little. I know there are a lot of folks talking about this topic and not always in the proper context. The history is so broken and of course the children never actually know what the parents were fighting about so there is a lot of speculation involved. Trying to cut to the TRUTH is like walking in a mine field. I am working with Anna Von Reitz whose husband has actual heraldry jewelry or signet ring and arm cuff that has earned him an audience with the Vatican and the Crown to allow him to declare International Peace as the Head of State for the American State Nationals. America has declared International Peace as have all our 50 States. Now all our State Assemblies are in session and the reconstruction of our Municipal Governments have begun.The world has been put on notice.

  2. I hope this message finds you well. I wanted to share with you a concerning development here in Oregon. The state is now requiring all dairies, regardless of size or whether they sell the milk or use it for personal consumption, to obtain a CAFO permit. This applies to even the smallest farms with just one cow, sheep, goat, or donkey. The new regulation is supposedly aimed at addressing environmental concerns related to milk solids entering the groundwater.

    I want to clarify that this requirement applies to both those who sell their milk and those who solely use it for personal purposes. It seems that the authorities are focused on ensuring compliance from every dairy owner, regardless of the scale or purpose of their operation.

    The Farm-to-Consumer Legal Defense Fund (FTCLDF) is working on a response to challenge this requirement, but I must admit that I feel somewhat disheartened about the outcome. It’s challenging to face authorities who may impose fines and other consequences for not adhering to their rules and laws.

    My background as a former US Army soldier plays a part in my hesitation to challenge authority, as I was taught to follow orders without questioning their right or wrong. However, as I’ve grown older, I’ve been learning to question and challenge the system. Despite following all the established rules and building a small community around my dairy business, it still feels like the government has control over every aspect of what I do. It’s a daunting prospect, and I fear the potential consequences of not strictly adhering to their guidelines.

    Currently, we are allowed to sell milk directly to customers on our farm under specific conditions, but this approach comes with insurance coverage challenges. Transitioning to a herd share program introduces legally binding agreements for both members and myself. The complexity of these regulations feels overwhelming at times.

    Dealing with raw milk regulations can be particularly daunting, as any claim of illness from a customer, regardless of its validity, could lead to serious consequences for the farm. It’s a precarious situation, and I often find myself torn between standing up for our rights or avoiding potential conflicts that could jeopardize our livelihood.

    I wanted to take a moment to express my gratitude for the time and effort you invest in educating us about gaining our freedoms. I can only imagine the dedication it takes to provide such valuable information through your blogs and teachings. Thank you for your support and guidance.

    1. Dear April,

      I understand the hesitation you have to think outside of the orthodoxy. This “free thinking”, FREEDOM OF RELIGION as they said ~ is what our forefathers came here for. They came here to this new land to escape the tyrannical corporatocracy that has now been identified as the Holy Roman Empire. They have been enslaving humanity since the beginning of time.

      We couldn’t have known all this because when parents have a fight, the children almost never know what that fight was actually about now do we?

      Between all the book burning, the occulted knowledge that they have kept from humanity, the boot on the necks of all the people, the secret societies. The endless crimes against humanity. The child labor is a heinous crime, and I am not talking about children working on a farm or even a factory. I am talking about the sex trafficking and other crimes against children that most of us can not even imagine.

      Our benevolence doesn’t allow us to conceive this level of malevolence. Meanwhile the corporatocracy turns around and sells child labor as a crime that looks like kids working in grocery stores, in their parents businesses, or the like. They effectively rob children from learning how to work and serve the community in a constructive and important way while learning trades and their family businesses under this threat of child endangerment.

      The corporatocracy steals children by way of Child Protective Services which is 100% a private and for profit enterprise! This is not a government program. Just like the Federal Reserve Bank, the Internal Revenue Service and our Prison Systems are not part of the government! These private and for profit businesses are abusing Gods Children of all ages and they are running a muck.

      They are training the mob (general population buy way of mainstream media) to shun anyone who hires children to do honest work for a private business or anyone who runs a farm under the guise of child abuse.

      Teaching our children to steward the land and honor the beasts of this planet by providing husbandry for them is the greatest work a child could ever do. I encourage you to muster all your courage to do what you can to UNLEARN and RETHINK.

      YOU are IMPORTANT. YOU were BORN WORTHY beyond belief. YOU Matter! Your thoughts are things and when you CARE about what you think and how you take action you are CREATOR. So be thoughtful and deliberate and intentional. YOU ARE THE VALUE!

      Most people cannot receive such loving words or caring thoughts. The mind control will not allow them to love themselves or receive love and care from anyone. Do the hard work to try to reverse their damage. Removing plant material from your diet and focusing on fatty red meat will help you do this. Especially if the animals are raised regeneratively on pastures that are honored under natural law.

      Keep up your important work out there and don’t you give an inch!

      There is great love here for you.

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