The 8th principle of Natural Law is the Generative Principle. Abundance grows where attention flows. The generative principle states that what you give your attention towards, manifests into your reality. This principle invokes the power of all the previous seven principles and so it is the occulted principle, deeply hidden to keep humanity unable to break themselves out of bondage.

CARE generates your thoughts, that generates your experiences and therefore generates your entire reality. What we care about on a day-to-day basis creates or manifests into our physical reality. So, if we care about or are focused on the fear of being able to survive, if we operate in victimhood mentality, if we walk in shame and guilt and loss and lack, then we will only experience and operate in those lower vibrational manifestations.

If we know that we are the creator of our own reality, we can then powerfully and joyfully wake up each day and work towards whatever it is in the world that we want and the world is our oyster, ripe for the plucking!

We are given half truths about a lot of things because the people in charge who want to control the population at large can do that more easily if you are kept in the dark about the actual truth regarding how the universe operates. There is a race to control human consciousness, and this is why.

They have created a world where you can do whatever you want if you land in one of their civilized boxes. You are made to believe that you must only know and believe that you must pay taxes and you will die after you live a hard life that is short and not that long.

If you are good and follow all the beliefs, they pour into you and fit into the boxes that they have offered, you might go to heaven when you die. You will otherwise go to hell when you die and you will not know where you are going until the end, so do a good job. They make the story of life quite plain and simple and frankly – it’s a pathetic and tough life.

They make it easy for you by providing you with a structure that everyone follows. It protects you from the Natural World out there that is dangerous and where you can die of some scary illnesses and or starvation and or be eaten by a lion or tiger or bear.

The truth however is that they are holding a knowledge differential over us which gives them a power differential. We can destroy their malicious plan if we simply stop participating in it. If we just start knowing that we can CARE about each other and we can care about something else and we can therefore create our own reality.

The key points being, we must care about everyone, and we must think about what we want and then care about how we will build and create that reality. We must care to operate in morality. Morality requires us to align our thoughts, our emotions, and our actions when we create something.

When we operate in CARE, we can do anything we want. The rules are: Do no harm and Do unto others as you want others to do unto you. Simple. When you watch people be harmed, slandered, murdered and you do not speak out against it or try to stop it; you are complicit and operating in immorality. Most people operate immorally in today’s civilized world because they are allowing lies and manipulation to run the world day to day.

People are not speaking out against blatant lies such as: the lie that you can choose your gender. This goes against the principles of Natural Law. It is 100% immoral. Anyone who entertains this is immoral. Nature and our Universe operates under an order. When you do not operate under the order, you suffer needlessly and die prematurely.

Human beings can live for hundreds of years but they have chosen to commit suicide by way of slow poisoning. Humans are the only beasts on the planet that make their own food rather than enjoy the abundant bounty provided by nature.

Humans eat Doritos and Pepsi, Zebra Cakes and Animal Crackers, Cakes on Cakes and Bread on Bread on Bread with plant based fake meat and the list goes on and on.

Human beings have eaten meat, milk, and eggs since the beginning of time. Humans have only eaten plants since the advent of agriculture that was just a couple thousand years ago. Humans have only eaten sugar, chemicals, seed oils and flours for the last 200 years. Humans are suffering and dying faster now than ever before in history.

Humans lived on the land and had their feet in the soil every day until just 200 years ago. In the last 50 years humans have come inside and stayed inside for most of the days of their lives. Living under imitation light, in synthetic clothes, eating imitation foods doing jobs that are based in nothingness. The suffering and the expenses and the stresses are at their height.

Life is supposed to be good for you. Life is supposed to be good to you. Knowledge and Action are required.

Religionists want you to pray for someone to save you and New Agers want you to simply think positive thoughts and raise your emotional vibrations. You must put ACTION behind those thoughts and prayers, but that aspect of the lesson is rarely, if ever, taught. Those leaders all have too much to gain by attracting you as their followers. If you knew the whole truth, you would no longer need them.

You should operate in your belief systems, and you should pray, and you should raise your emotional vibrations, but then you must be still and quiet and listen to the inspirations that assign you the actions you need to take to move forward. The expansion will not happen if you do not act.

It must be correct action. When you wake and you touch the ground outside, you will feel an energy come over you and it will love you and give you the joy to fill your heart for that day. Use that joy to do 2-3 things that come to your mind in those few minutes when you are grounding outside.

Our creator blesses us with the love and the light of each new day and transmits thoughtful assignments based on the things we care about. Focus on what you want and why you want it.

Whatever it is, it shall be yours.
If you think of what you want and what you care about it, it shall be yours. It is Law.

This is why we say that words matter. Your thoughts matter. It is why we encourage everyone not to watch television programming and movies because those illusions interfere with your inspirations from our creator. The universe is trying to surprise and delight you in every moment. If only you would be willing to allow it.

The orthodoxy is trying to drive CARE out of our daily practices from the early ages. Preschoolers are taught to stop caring about the other kids that are sad or crying and to mind their own business. This is unnatural and immoral. We must all care about each other. We must all love one another. We must all matter to each other. Do not allow the corporatocracy to divide you from others by means of our differences. They try to differentiate us with specific boxes – but the truth of the matter is that none of us are created the same. We are not equal or the same. Nature is not repeatable.

So, know and believe that we are all unique, we are all different and we all come bearing gifts!
When we all start caring about everyone and we start loving everyone where they are and not trying to make them fit into our boxes, we will be loving unconditionally. When we love unconditionally, we experience FREEDOM. There is only bondage without unconditional love.

Are you able to recognize the benefits of caring and see how forcing conformity holds all of humanity in bondage? Do not confuse conformity with organizational systems. We can have organizational systems in place to avoid things like traffic collisions and still honor the tapestry of all human beings.

Now that you know that you are the creator of your own world, what will you do with your new power?

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