It is important to understand language. Words matter. Words are things. Our thoughts are things. Our thoughts are manifestations that are inspired by our light force or our God force, our infinite creator. Our lens from which we receive these words, our perspective, is how we interpret these manifestations. Every physical thing we experience in this lifetime started first as a thought. Then the momentum or energy that went into that inspiration is what brought it to fruition. We can bring anything into our reality simply by thinking about it all the time. This is why there is a race to control human consciousness.

What you think about most of the time, what you give your attention towards, becomes your reality; as I ironed out in the beginning of my blog. I want to be sure you can understand how this is happening. The media was created specifically to put ideas into your head so that whoever wrote that script could effectively attract your focus onto the subject they wanted to deploy out into the universe. Its pretty powerful stuff. This is called psychological warfare. It is warfare because they are imposing their ideas into your consciousness under the guise of TRUTH and REALITY when it is a complete and total illusion. Illusions can also be referred to a LIES.

LIES are aligned with IMMORALITY while TRUTH is aligned with MORALITY. There is a power differential being imposed over humanity at large. They are using a knowledge differential to control what we are doing by controlling our thoughts. Thoughts we keep thinking is what creates our belief systems.

When our founding fathers said they came to America to seek “religious freedom”, they were seeking the freedom to have their own thoughts. Our belief system is based in our religion. These are thoughts we keep thinking that establish our belief which is referred to as our religion. This is old English language. It is not at attack on your faith. This is a language problem. The people in charge have created several obstacles and one of the biggest ones is language. Without correct understanding of language, you cannot effectively communicate. They want us to believe that American English and the Queen’s English are just different, and they are – but the distortion of the language was done on purpose.

It is part of the linguistics theft that has been happening for centuries. They first tried to occult the Latin language to hold people in nescience. You believe this is called ignorance, but it is nescience. No one can know a language they have never had access or opportunity to learn. This means that no one was IGNORING the access to knowledge and therefore operating in ignorance (ignoring knowledge). They simply had no access to the knowledge so they could not be expected to know it. This is called nescience.

Additionally, one of the greatest tricks that has been played on humanity is the false belief that you need to prove your worthiness in this lifetime. You should know that you were born worthy beyond belief! You are loved more powerfully than you know. You MATTER and you are IMPORTANT! There is not even one of you that accidentally or unintentionally arrived into this world.

The idea that you were unwanted is a false belief. The lie says that “You were unplanned”, “You were an accident”, or “You were born out of an act of crime”. The truth is that you were dreamt about, and you were desired by someone in this world and that is why you have arrived. We are unaware of everyone else’s thoughts and so we do not know what they are thinking or what inspired those thoughts. Nevertheless, you can be sure that you are here for an important purpose. You do not need to seek the purpose; you are the purpose. You are the investment. You are the gift. You are the value. You are precious. You are not for sale. You are not owned by another. There is no human being who has the authority to rule over you. Full Stop.

Human Beings are not to be compared to the other beasts of the planet. We are given dominion over the other beasts of the planet which gives us the great responsibility to steward them and honor the land and the soil and the water and the air. We are given imagination so that we can figure out how to create the solution for a better world regardless of the obstacles. When we are free to align with our creator, our light source, our infinite creator in silence, when we plant our feet firmly into the soil without interference, without the noise, we can receive guidance. We always have access to infinite intelligence so keep the airwaves clear in your mind. Keep yourself grounded to the earth and soil.

Allow yourself to receive inspiration. Create opportunities to daydream and communicate with your creator so you can discern correct action from incorrect action. You have a cadre of ancestors connected with you that always have your back.

Tune into their guidance and follow two simple rules:


You are liquid love. Love is the divine solvent of everything. There is no opposite of love, there is only the absence of love. It is the same as light. There is no darkness, only the absence of light. Fear and sickness/dis ease and hell and the devil are illusions. When you focus on the truth you can see these illusions for what they are. There is no war required. You can simply shed your slave self and allow the purification that is always happening for you and walk back into your full power.

Get back on the lighted path and walk away from the illusions. Knowledge is required, Action is required. It is not enough to simply think good things. You also must believe that you create your own experience. It is not enough that you pray if you do not receive the inspirations to make the moves to get back on to the path. You cannot allow yourself to worry or fret or doubt your power. You must operate in knowing that you are operating in truth and correct action. You cannot walk the line between two ideas, this is immoral behavior. You must know what is right and what is wrong. You must not allow wrong deeds to be spoken or enacted upon in your presence otherwise you are complicit.

There is only RIGHT and WRONG, not RIGHT and LEFT. You must be honest with yourself and stop lying to yourself and others. Get your house in order. The negative consequences that follow immoral behavior, the behavior that aligns with lies, it immediate. You need not wait until you die to know the side effects of your incorrect action.

TEST IT. Read my post about the Law of Correspondence and the Law of Cause and Effect again.
You can change the trajectory of your life by waking in the morning at sunrise, going outside before you get ready or do anything else and greet the sun. Touch your bare feet onto the morning dew on the grass and look up at the sky no matter if you can see the sun or not. No matter if it is raining or clear. Just touch the ground and look up and try to hold your bare feet on the morning dew on the grass for a few minutes up to 15 is optimal. If you get rained on, it’s ok.

Come inside afterward and break your fast with fatty meat and eggs with yolks cooked in animal fat and then write down everything you are grateful for or appreciating in this new day. Then write down a few things that are important for you to focus on in this new day. Try to take 2-3 steps towards those goals with deliberate and intentional actions this day and then remember those things before you sleep at night. That is a perfect day! You can feel accomplished if you do this daily. There is great love here for you.

What are you grateful and appreciative for this day?

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