Back to the topic of how I was able to invoke the Bill of Rights and why it was that sometimes I had my full power and in other cases I was back to being held with a boot on my neck. This glitchy behavior was happening because I was unaware of the fact that we had parallel government systems in place. We had a Defacto Corporatocracy and a De Jure Land and Soil government for “We the People” operating simultaneously.
WHAT!? Yes, we were usurped by the corporatocracy that had taken over the municipal and territorial arms of our government by way of contract.
We still had a land and soil government that is based in our original constitution in place, but it had been usurped because the organic states of the American assembly broke quorum. To restore the Federation, we required someone with knowledge of the truth and someone who would have the ability to get a private audience with the Pope and with the Crown, both of whom usurped “We the People”. You can read the details about what happened and how we arrived in this moment by downloading this free copy of “You Know Something Is Wrong When…” – just click here.
You will be happy to know that Peace has been declared in all 50 States, the reconstruction of the government systems of each of the states has begun and The American State Assemblies have declared Peace Internationally, click here to watch the video.
The reconstruction process is underway, and you can learn more about it in detail by clicking here.  
There is a lot of information. It will be easy to get overwhelmed, so I suggest tuning in to these two YouTube playlists.

I will also be addressing this in greater detail on my new YouTube series called, “Dissolving Illusions”. I will be going LIVE every week (schedule TBD) with guest interviews to introduce you to Americans who have their boots on the ground and are working to reconstruct our State Assemblies. Since I live in North Carolina, we will focus on our state first. Look for this series to go LIVE in August. Join us to learn more about the American State assemblies and find out What In The World Is Going On Here! You can go ahead and subscribe and ring the bell on my YouTube channel by clicking here now.
The American States Assemblies have risen and are in full session. We have been working to reconstruct the portion of the administration that was never reconstructed post The Civil Unrest also known as the Civil War, which was never ratified until August of 2021. This left our nation usurped and operating under Martial Law all these years. There is a lot of explaining to do so buckle up and get ready to learn about how the corporatocracy goes back, WAY before the American Revolution! There is a lot to learn.
Did you know that we have an American Peace Time Flag and an American Wartime flag? I used the American Peace Time Flag as the image for this post. You already know what the wartime flag looks like since you have never seen any other flag in the last 100 years.
Most members of our military do not even know this information. Did you know that when an American Army General is bending the knee to be knighted by the Queen, he is pledging his allegiance to the Queen? Why would American Soldiers and Military Legends be knighted? Look this up…a lot of young people have no idea what I am talking about.
I know the older folks know. I wonder if the older folks who know that this is a conflict of interest were aware that American Soldiers and Military Legends were being knighted by the Queen.
Who knew these things? Leave me some comments.

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