Mirror Image. As is above, So it is Below. As within, is Without. Have you ever gotten out on the wrong side of the bed and then you go through the entire day in a giant chaotic mess? This is the Natural Law Principle, that when you learn how it works, will make sure you […]


This first principle of Natural Law is one of the most deeply occulted principles on earth. Knowledge of this information has been hidden more powerfully than any other information on the planet. THIS important knowledge is the reason that ALL THE OTHER shiny bright lights and distractions have been created. As long as you are […]

The 8 Principles of Natural Law

In my last post I was leading into these principles, but I felt that it was first very important to share the ancient history that highlighted an ideal that there are a group of people who are using a knowledge differential to maintain a power differential over the rest of humanity. There have been endless […]

Hermetically Sealed – 8 Principles of Natural Law

Natural Law is based on 8 basic principles which are universal, non-manmade, binding and immutable conditions that govern the consequences of behavior. Natural Law is a body of Universal Spiritual Laws which act as governing dynamics of consciousness. This knowledge of the Truth has been occulted or hidden and has been demonized by the few […]

Knowledge is required.

Post the attack of 2020 people are beginning to realize there is a veil between the unchanging, eternal & immutable, Universal Truth (Inherent to Creation) and understanding that is Harmonized with Nature with Knowledge and Understanding vs. the Civilized World. Have you noticed there is the civilized world and the uncivilized world? In the uncivilized […]

They made us sick!

If you read my book you know the context of when I began researching after Meenakshi died in September of 2009. I wanted answers about how she got sick, what happened, how could I make it stop, what needed to happen to protect my surviving family to be able to live and not die. People […]

Welcome Friends. It is time.

I think it is time to start writing a blog. I love to journal and I prefer writing to making videos and other posts on social media. It is my hope to help more people this way because otherwise I am not creating as much content as I would like to share with the world. […]